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The Importance of the Digital Realm for Resilience

The Importance of the Digital Realm for Resilience

In today’s world, digital resilience has become the foundation of business resilience. Why?

Let’s take a fresh example: According to a senior cybersecurity official from Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre, ransomware attacks targeting Finnish organizations have increased four-fold since Finland began the process of joining NATO. But thanks to good preparedness, most attacks failed.

However, in the publicity, you only see cases where resilience has failed one way or the other. What if reality is less scary and more positive? Organizations that are careful and build up their resilience systematically keep their feet dry even when unexpected events happen.

On a global level, serious events have exposed how vulnerable modern societies are when something out of the ordinary happens. Resilience does not seem as strong as it could – and should – be. But compared to areas such as diseases, world politics, or natural catastrophes, it is equally as difficult to prepare for in the digital realm.

So I must ask, is your organization ready to withstand unpleasant surprises, especially in the digital realm?

According to the Nixu Cybersecurity Index 2022, only 22% of organizations assessed their cybersecurity maturity to be on a good or excellent level. Additionally, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review, almost a quarter of boardrooms do not view cybersecurity as a priority. As a result, boards do not discuss their organization’s cybersecurity-induced risks, nor do they evaluate plans to manage those risks to the extent that they should.

Generally, cyber security is taken more seriously than before in organizations and by board members. The importance of resilience is understood better. Still, this growing awareness is not driving better preparedness or raising the willingness to improve resilience.

Considering the current cyber threat landscape and the geopolitical situation, it is best to assume that also your organization will experience a digital attack sooner or later. If bad things happen, time is precious and not on your side.

Avoiding damages and limiting the impacts requires action before anything happens. You must have the ability to detect the attack, mitigate its impact, recover, and rebuild. Your organization needs a planned response that enables recovery with minimal damage, cost, and reputational impact.

Based on our extensive experience, we invite you to discover the cyber aspect of business resilience. Take action – and let us help you prevent risks and overcome cyber events.

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By Teemu Salmi, CEO, Nixu Corporation