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Cyber resilience is a shared priority

Maintaining and developing cyber resilience is more important than ever in the rapidly evolving security environment. As there’s no such thing as watertight cyber security, in addition to preventive protection, we must also develop organizational abilities to anticipate, prepare for and recover from potential cyberattacks.

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Email encryption & cloud: 5 tips for secure information sharing (SIS)

Businesses and organizations are increasingly using cloud services – as they should. The cloud enables us to work independently of time and location. However, in terms of information security, it is problematic when all information is processed in the cloud.

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Managing the cyber world

The global media keeps us updated in real time on what is happening in the Ukrainian war scene. The horrors of the brutal war of aggression are brought to our living rooms and affect our thinking and even our ways of doing things. Our opinions and worldviews change and perhaps partially culminate.

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The risks of various cyber threats have increased

Harmful activity is expected to increase all the time and the threats do not only concern public sector organizations and their digital services, but also private sector. Ransomware and destructive attacks are often today. Also DDos attacks against Internet service are also common today.

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Future-proofing your security operations

As a CISO or business director, you do not want to hear that a data breach has occurred. What you want to hear is that an attempted breach was detected but no damage has materialized due to application of active countermeasures. Further, protective measures have been applied to prevent that attack vector in the future.

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