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Navigating the Future of OT Security with Fortinet


Rapid digital evolution is reshaping the way organizations must approach Operational Technology (OT) and security, presenting businesses with both challenges and opportunities. At the heart of this transformation is the ability to build a protective architecture that both scales with organizational needs and can adapt according to ever-evolving production requirements. This is where Fortinet really shines, offering insights, expertise and solutions that are truly future-ready.

OT security has become pivotal to a lot of organizations that rarely gave it more than a second thought before. While it is easy to generalize, the truth is that not all OT systems operate in isolation at sub-millisecond levels – much like not all IT-systems are restricted to the confines of enterprise laptops. With an ever-increasing need to automate production and present business leaders with real-time data feeds, OT is becoming more connected. And with more connectivity comes a broader spectrum of risks, threats and challenges that all need to be managed.

Automation has quickly emerged as a game-changer in many industries, as a way to address growing demands and increased competition – without simply relying on adding manpower (and cost) to production. But with the irresistible allure of efficiency comes the weight of security concerns.

Building a Defensible Infrastructure

A defensible infrastructure is not just about strong firewalls and security protocols, it’s about creating a system that is agile, scalable and can be molded to fit current and future production requirements. This is something that lies at the very core of Fortinet’s solutions, ensuring that businesses not only are able defend their current infrastructure but at the same time do the groundwork for what’s coming next.

This is particularly important because OT is no longer confined to on-premise systems. With the rise of the cloud, many OT systems are now deployed in cloud environments. Thanks to Fortinet’s holistic approach, your OT solutions will be shielded and secure regardless of whether they’re on-premise or in the cloud.

For those keen on delving further into how to best craft a resilient and scalable OT security posture, Fortinet’s upcoming speaker slot should be right up your alley. It’s an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from industry leaders on how to navigate the complex world of OT security.

In a world where automation and connectivity have become crucial steppingstones on the path to growth and a foundation for businesses to remain competitive, having a defensible and adaptable architecture is becoming a hygiene factor, a must-have and something that should be considered a non-negotiable part of business operations.

Fortinet is a beacon, guiding businesses through these rough and challenging seas. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn why from Mikko Ala-Jaakkola on the Gold Stage at 14:40 on Day 1 of Nordic Cyber Security 2023.

Jani Ekman
Director Systems Engineering
Fortinet Finland