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The average company encounters 200,000 security events every day. Is your organization prepared?

Henning Gaalaas, Acting CEO/Sales Director, Sorasec

The number of serious cyberattacks has tripled from 2019 to 2020 and combined with the increasing complexity of threats, many companies face a serious security challenge. The reason why security threats are constantly increasing and becoming more complex is the increasingly accelerating digitalization.

“Every company should have access to high quality security services. Particularly with small and medium-sized companies, security sometimes is not prioritized due to, for example, lack of time and resources. We decided early on that our security services should be available and affordable to any company, regardless of size and budget. One of the main reasons we have been successful is our commitment to being a partner and not a supplier. This means that we first get to know the customer and then deliver a tailor-made service,” explains Henning Gaalaas, Acting CEO/Sales Director at Sorasec, a security company whose purpose is to offer state-of-the-art and affordable cybersecurity.



Protection against complex threats
More and more devices are connected both at homes and office premises. This has a major security consequence, and it increases the risk of several parts of the digital world being simultaneously targets of a cyber-attack. This risk will only rise now that many companies offer hybrid workplaces that enable work outside the office. At the same time, there is a skills shortage in security personnel and many companies find it difficult to build and maintain good protection without an external partner.

“For companies, it is almost impossible to hire the right skills in-house. To help with this problem, we offer security experts and analysts to all kinds of companies. For customers using Microsoft we have experts and analysts of the various Defender products, as well as Sentinel. For customers running on-premises or hybrid, our analysts use a solution based on IBM’s QRadar platform. With these two services, we cover most of the business needs for security monitoring. If you compare our service price with hiring a new person, our services are always cheaper,” Henning Gaalaas promises.

Tailored security services
Among Sorasec’s customers is one of the world’s largest companies that uses security services on its over 100,000 mobile devices.

“At the same time, customers with 15 employees need security support. We offer scalability to adapt the services to the customer’s actual needs. You can scale up and down with different modules and service levels. All our customers get their own dedicated specialist who will get to know the customer’s business and processes to propose a solution based on business understanding. Our services are priced according to the customer needs and delivered on time,” says Henning Gaalaas.

Unique offer for companies
State-of-the-art and affordable cybersecurity delivered by a reliable, professional, and highly competent security services provider whose motto is to always provide real value. This is how Sorasec is described by its customers.

“Are you interested in protecting your company against increasingly complex threats? Sorasec is now running a pilot where interested companies can try the service for a three-month fixed period, no strings attached! Contact me to continue discussion,” Henning Gaalaas encourages.

To hear more about how to protect your company, attend to Henning’s speech on Cyber Security Gold Stage on Friday 13th May with “What to do when you’re hacked” as his topic.

Sorasec – your security partner
Sorasec provides state of the art, modern and affordable security services in 7 Nordic and Baltic countries to 17 partners and over 100 end customers. Our services are built around the best of breed technology with our SOC in the heart and soul of our Security Services. As your security partner we will protect your business from security threats and provide a navigational aid in the security landscape. For more information, visit us at