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Networking tool Tavata

Join the Tavata networking platform to connect with other participants!

Tavata is an easy-to-use event and networking platform that allows you to participate in events and enhance your networking experience! Remember to register on the Tavata platform well in advance of the actual event day so that you have time to familiarize yourself with the upcoming event, connect with other participants, and schedule your meetings in advance.


Instructions for using Tavata:

1. Register for the Cyber Security Nordic Tavata environment by following the link:

Register here

Join the event with the code DQEK (notice capital letters).

2. Update your company profile with a logo, description, and other necessary information, and invite other department members from your company to join Tavata. Instructions can be found here. Note: This applies only to exhibitors at the Cyber Security Nordic event.

3. Go to the Participants tab (represented by two adjacent person icons on mobile), explore other participants, network, and schedule meetings! To schedule meetings, click on the handshake icon on the profile card of the participant you’ve chosen.