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Meeting tool at Cyber Security Nordic

Meet interesting companies and visitors with Brella meeting tool


In addition to our excellent programme, we want to take networking experience to the next level by offering you the Brella Networking Tool

With Brella

You will learn about the event agenda and participants in advance

You can suggest meetings during the event at Messukeskus

You can optimise your time in the event

You will find the best possible clients, partners and new talents

Join code: Cyber2019



1. Register

Create a Brella account and register with the join code Cyber2019. Open Brella in your browser or you can use mobile applications which can be downloaded from App Store/Google Play Store.

2. Tell about yourself
Everyone visiting the event and using Brella, should write a short presentation of himself / herself and choose searching / offering categories according to the needs and knowledge. Brella’s algorithm will combine together the most relevant profiles and matching people will find each other easily.

3. Browse participants 
Browse participants in Brella web /mobile application.

4. Suggest meetings
When you find an interesting person, suggest a meeting! When the recipient accepts your suggestion, Brella will give you a number for the table at the networking area.