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Kimmo Rousku

Kimmo Rousku works as General Secretary for Finnish Public Sector Digital Security Management Board (VAHTI) and Chief Special Expert at Population Register Centre, 1.1.2020- Finnish Digital Agency, CISSP, CISM. 

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for developing information security in public administration in general and for steering information security in central government. Public sector digital security management board (VAHTI) was appointed by the Ministry to serve as the cooperation, drafting and coordination body for the organisations responsible for developing and steering digital security in public administration. Kimmo Rousku has been working as VAHTI expert since 2004 and as General Secretary since 2015.

He has worked in ICT sector since 1985 and he has exceptionally wide range of expertise in ICT and security. He has work experience as CIO, CISO and CRO in the Finnish government administration.

Over the last 10 years he has specialized in developing information, digital and cyber security, risk management and data protection and developing and utilizing the potential of digitalization to public sector. He has co-authored over 20 books, two of his latest books are related to information security and cyber security.

Kimmo was nominated as the Chief Information Security Officer of the year 2015 by The Association of Information Security in Finland, he has been listed as TOP 100 ICT influencer by Finnish TiVi Magazine yearly since 2011.


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