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Cyber Security Nordic Award

Cyber Security Nordic Award highlights top performers in cyber security.

Cyber Security Nordic Award 2023

The search for the winner of the renewed Cyber Security Award 2023 will soon be here!

2022 Winner

The Cyber Security Nordic Award 2022, which was awarded for the third time, has been presented to Martti Lehto.

The jury’s reasons for choosing Martti Lehto were his impact in creation of national cyber security documentation and his way of spreading his extensive knowledge in the university context and business networks, acquiring international allies and friends internationally which is conductive in creating an excellent country image of Finnish know-how. Martti Lehto is undisputed first-in-class of cyber diplomacy and cyber capacity building.

Through his public appearances and expert lectures he has promoted cyber security awareness in Finland in a very significant and persistent way. In the current world situation the effectiveness of Martti Lehto’s work has risen to a class of its own. “If we did not have these experts in Finland, we would not have new technology”, it was stated in the jury’s reasoning.

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Who can apply?

The Award highlights individuals and organisations that have made significant contributions to the development of the cyber security industry, introduced innovative practices in the industry, or otherwise worked towards promoting cyber security and the recognition of the industry in Finland and globally.

The award is worth €10,000.


The award winner is selected by a professional jury with the following representatives:  Aapo Cederberg, CyberWatch, Sauli Eloranta, VTT, Kirsi Kokko, Business Finland,  Markku Rajamäki, EK Confederation of Finnish Industries, Jarmo Sareva, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Anni Vepsäläinen, Messukeskus.  

The award is funded by the Finnish Fair Foundation. The award will be presented at the Cyber Security Nordic event.