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A Forecast Of The Cyber World

Aapo Cederberg, CEO, Partner, Cyberwatch Oy

Changes in the cyber world are quick and unpredictable. We must be sufficiently prepared for future threats and challenges. Even though we feel comfortable with our situational awareness and think our understanding is sufficient for the threats lurking within the cyber world phenomena, we can never be sure that we are fully safe.

Daily news bulletins highlight increasingly severe issues. Threats concerning conventional war are discussed in Europe and elsewhere, in addition military force can be used to create new contradictions and problems. Currently the main concern of our everyday life is learning to live with the Covid virus.

However, the outlook for the future is unclear and not very stable. On the one hand, digital and cyber security capacity requires long-term planning and development measures. A critical key to success requires the cyber security industry to be a step ahead of the threats. Anticipating many future developments and trying to predict the so-called black swans events that may occur are vital tasks. The future of the cyber world is of course hard to predict but not impossible. Digitization combined with future research methods can be combined to create the necessary visions and scenarios into the future. While the digital world brings us new challenges, at the same time, it also provides other and more efficient responses.

Cyber securities many success’s mean we have great opportunities to combat the real and growing world of the cyber security threat. With competency and sufficient forward planning the cyber security industry will be at the forefront of the battle against incoming threats and is already playing a decisive and winning role. In addition, drawing out future road maps and paths for success are key for the industry to always be ahead. Whoever has access to the best data, storage of that data and access to the best analysis tools, will find the correct information and development methods to achieve early warning and identify undiscovered threats.

Cyberwatch Finland has taken on this challenge, and in cooperation with the Futures Platform, has described the 20 most critical strategic cyber phenomenons. The aim is to combine Cyberwatch’s expertise and Futures Platform talent to create excellent possibilities for all organizations and businesses. This will allow the digital and cyber world’s future vision to be integrated as part of their ongoing strategy.

We have also joined forces in developing a cyber intelligence capability with the Cyber ​​Intelligence House. The Deep web provides an insight on cyber crime and cyber world developments. Cyber Intelligence House has one of the world’s best deep networking schemes developed from various extraction systems. Cyberwatch has brought our strategic analysis tools, expertise and research capability and combined it with our trusted partners. Even after a short trial period, we have noticed that these methods have produced significant early warning signs of threats.  This in turn has allowed us to develop various cyber security solutions and prevent many cyber-attacks. Encouraged by our success, we aim to develop a D & D-SOC service, which will be on market at the beginning 2022.

Excellent innovations and development work will be the game changer for this industry. Digital and cyber security is being turned into a great opportunity for creating new business and improving our competitiveness.

Aapo Cederberg
CEO, Partner |

Aapo Cederberg is a founding member and partner of Cyberwatch Oy. He is an experienced cyber security strategist and analyst. He is an expert strategist with an international level of expertise and a well-rounded understanding of hybrid influencing. He has a unique understanding of cyber-security and the complexities of hybrid warfare, including interdependencies and threats. He has extremely comprehensive management skills, experience spanning several years, including extensive knowledge on national military defence. Aapo is a well-known cyber-security advocate both in Finland and internationally. He is also one of the authors of the first Finnish Cyber Security Strategy.