Cyber Security Nordic is a new event promoting the importance of cyber security for various business functions.

The international event will be organized for the first time in September 26-27, 2017.

Venue is Messukeskus Helsinki, Expo and Convention Centre, the biggest exhibition and congress arena in Finland. The event consists of a high-profile conference and a trade fair presenting products and services on the branch.

Themes for the two days’ seminar are selected for their global relevance and topicality. Cyber Security Nordic is aimed at top executives and board members of companies.

Cyber Security Nordic: the business opportunity, what you cannot pass?

“Global cyber-arming race is accelerating. The statements of the world leaders’ are getting more aggressive and nationalism grows all around world. At same time, the world is more global than ever. Digitalization is a necessity in the process of globalization for everyone, and it is not possible without cyber security.

Cyber security can be one of your biggest future business advantage. Cyber Security Nordic offers the holistic understanding of cyber security business opportunities and how it relates to new cooperation possibilities with the public sector. Cyber security is a part of everyone’s life today, more essential tomorrow.”

Juha Remes, Entrepreneur and CEO Finnish Information Security Cluster


Cyber as a Game Changer

“The rise of a highly interconnected world, involving all walks of life from international politics and global economy to individual citizens, has already proven to be a strategic game changer. Physical world limitations, including the structures and principles that support it, are still in place, but the rules of the cyber domain are bending the old barriers of time and space, and changing the structures and the rules of the road. Thus, it can be said that the unfolding world of cyber is very different from the physical world as we know it now.

The targets of cyber-attacks are round the whole society. Therefore it is of utmost important to raise the awareness of the importance of cyber security among the all the key stakeholders in Finland and in the Nordics. We are also delighted to welcome some of the leading cyber experts from the U.S and Israel to this event and grateful of their willingness to share their highly valuable experiences in building more resilient societies. ”

Aapo Cederberg, Associate Fellow, GCSP